Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ms. Chelly...and those damn boys

So the song you hear now is from Ms. Chelly (that's her above lol). It's called "Took the Night" and I like it. Hot 97 always played it during the Rush Hour lol. It took me forever to find it, but I did and all is well haha. But yeah, it's a nice riding, party song I listen to it on the way home from work. On the way to the club, whenever I feel like getting excited haha. So yeah, anywho it's one of those songs where people either love it or hate it. It's good for certain occassions. The artist to be honest looks very second rate. Like I could of did this song; not a lot of word, very basic haha. But, do what you do honey!!

Now onto the fuck goes through their heads. Like really really? I'm at the point now where I just laugh at shit. There is absolutely no point in getting mad, or angry, and all riled up. Life is too short to be stunting your happiness. This girl right here comes with too many wonderful things to get mad over some boy who wants to play games. I'm not gonna front I still like you. Why I don't know...I really don't. Maybe cause I'm just so curious to see what could have happened between us, but yeah I can't put my time and effort into something that is not going to work out at all in my favor. What I don't get is that had it been any other dude I would have tossed in the trash way long ago. But I didn't, and now I'm getting fucked over.
Honestly, speaking I hate not being in control. That pretty much sums it up. I like to make the decisions and have everything go my way. So, I tried something new with him and took the passenger's seat to see if something different would happen. Now I'm mad, cause I didn't want this outcome but I have no say. I'M PISSED LOL!!!
still haven't gotten a call a text, an explanation or anything. Probably not gonna get one but it's cool after I allow myself time to just be mad, and hurt, and all the stuff your gonna feel when your emotions are involved I'll be good. That's one thing people have to know and understand, never should you stunt your emotions, it's very unhealthy to keep them bottled up. A week or so of venting is sufficient enough to release all the bad feelings so the happy ones can return.
The one thing about the whole situation I don't understand is why everyone else around me knew what the hell was really going on except me. Like honestly, if your having second thoughts about someone tell them, not other people who aren't in the situation. Personally speaking I hate bad surprises, hypothetically speaking I would much rather for a guy to tell me he cheated the to have me find out on my own. No he didn't cheat but the example helped portray my opinion on honesty between guys and girls. If you were to just be honest and upfront to me instead of your friends, I would have had more respect and empathy. But you chose to fill my head up with stuff you thought I would like to hear, instead of what you wanted to say. (Why am I talking straight to you lol...this is supposed to be a story) And then I can't even really stress the whole thing cause we weren't even going together. I want to, but when I really sit and reflect it's like damn ya saw each other how many times...talked didn't even look serious. Like damn, with all this shit we might as well had been dating. I feel like it would have made a little more sense; at least in my head. Anywho, yeah I think I'm a just take the loss even though I don't want to. I am not for making someone be where they rather not reside.

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