Monday, March 2, 2009

Only in a Woman's World

Do you have a friend who suffers from this...I know I do. It is me. You know yhou have that one friend who is always falling in love, and you're so happy for her because she is elated. Until, that one day when she calls you crying, and your like OMG here we go again. LMAO!! It gets you everytime. My friends and I were just watching this commercial, and we all laughed becuase I knew everyone was talking about me. It's cool though, we all know and the world should know as well, that I'm a hopeless romantic. That's just me; accept it. But, for all those people out there who feel personally touched by this commercial in anyway, whether your the friend or the romantically indulged woman, this is for you. Only in a woman's world!!

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