Sunday, August 1, 2010

Feeling Really Unappreciated...

I'm in a pretty fucked up mood. What makes it even worse is that I'll end up just having to get over it, until it happens again. This blog used to make me feel so much better. It still works luckily. Writing my thoughts down has ALWAYS helped me. Like keeping it in my head is physically painful. When I'm mad or hurt my head starts pounding. I never really experienced headaches, and that is probably why. I'm beginning to really see how much I overextend myself for the happiness of others. I do it ALL the time. I will inconvenience myself to make others comfortable. But no one ever does it for me. For once I would love to not have to worry about everyone else's happiness. Can someone go out there way for me. Can I get a surprise one day. Can I just really be caught off guard and really feel like someone took time out of there day to make sure Jasmine Charnelle has a smile on her face. I'm beginning to think that is something I will never see...because it's becoming obvious that I am the only one that can make me happy. now I just have to implement it.

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