Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...I Missed You So

...exactly 4 months and 4 days later...I'M BACK!!! I missed blogging. Well kind of lol. Like I really love talking and I spit hot fire sometimes...but finding time to actually sit and record it all is nauseating. I tried to incorporate my phone to help me out...but I hate the small screen. So I have decided to implement other forms of expression...video...not yet tho cause my cousin's laptop doesn't have a webcam. When I do return home however...my friends and I plan on documenting our life. (We think it's that amazing lol) I will continue with my rants about love and relationships...and you will see how that aspect of my life is treating me. =D But anywho...be on the lookout Princess Jasmine is back...with a new do...a new outlook...but same love for life! YAY!!!

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